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If you require PVC strip curtains in Shropshire SY13 2 this is a service which we provide. A strip door is made up of individual overlapping PVC rolls and plastic strip parts and they are normally seen in factories, warehouses, car garages, industrial kitchens, for pest control and many more places.

As specialists in the industry, we have carried out various installations of anti static PVC strips in not just one area, but all over the UK, from small workshops to large warehouses. Our team of experts are will discuss your requirements with you and create a design specification of PVC strips that is suitable for your needs.

From catering equipment suppliers in Shropshire to supplying a PVC strip curtain, we have got you sorted.

To find out more details about the range of PVC services which we offer, enter your contact details into our enquiry form which is on our website and a member of our team will contact you as soon as they can.

Plastic Curtains

PVC curtains in surrounding areas are commonly seen in warehouses because it can be difficult to find appropriate door fixtures in large sizes.

A lot of warehouses want to have a PVC curtain in a doorway because it provides privacy, and light but also the ease of being able to walk or drive through them without having the shift a large heavy door.

PVC Curtain Suppliers

There is a range of PVC curtain suppliers. You can contact our team directly for a price or we would also recommend the following if you are looking for supply only services:

PVC Fridge Curtain Kits

Our top recommendation from ESE Direct is the PVC Fridge Curtain Kits. These are a great way for commercial kitchens to keep cool air inside.
The kits are designed specifically for fridges or chiller cabinets (refrigeration) in the food retail environment and can reduce your energy costs by up to 40% and increase the life span of your fridge!
These curtain kits are quick and easy to install, making them a perfect supply only choice.
To find out more, please click here.

Internal Flow Flex Plastic Strip Curtain Kits

These plastic strip curtains are made to withstand heavy traffic which is vital in a range of different establishments, including schools, offices and more. The curtains are ribbed plastic and have a plastic push bullet rail included.
Clients can choose their own dimensions from the list on the ESE Direct website. The free flow curtains are designed to keep flies and airborne pollutants out and maintain temperature.
For more information on these curtain kits, please click here.

External Doorway PVC Strip Curtains

Our second recommendation is the external doorway PVC curtains. These energy-saving curtains are a great way to keep out flies and other insects and also offer low maintenance and an easy installation process you can do yourself.
They are ideal for external doorways and can also offer resistance to wind, rain and snow.
If you require more information on these PVC strip curtains, please click here.

Plastic Door Curtain

Along with professional kitchen cleaning in Shropshire we can also supply industrial plastic PVC curtains. These can be installed on any standard clear opening.

Having plastic door PVC curtains in Shropshire SY13 2 installed means that you can save on energy bills. This is because if a certain area is to be kept at room temperature, chilled or heated the curtain will allow the temperature to be contained which can make your electricity and gas bills less. The heavy duty curtains can be super polar grade material to ensure cold room stores that need at least freezer-grade temperatures can be assured to stay that way.

By having a set area with strip doors it maintains airflow effectively for facilities which would normally have temperature fluctuation. This allows for the temp to be regulated which might be needed for some companies. These specific PVC type curtains will help you to save on your heating bills.

Please enquire today by filling out our application form. Once we receive your application, we are able to review your requirements and contact you to discuss what the best solution will be and provide a quote for our services.

PVC Strip Doors Near Me

Another advantage of PVC-strip doors is that you can reduce noise and contamination such as dust and dirt. When you work in a factory or a share warehouse space, there is a big possibility that machinery such as forklifts will be being used and this can be noisy.

The strips will not completely remove the sound but they will massively help lower it which can also improve day to day activity because you will not be getting distracted.

Industrial Curtains Nearby

Having an industrial curtain in a large space means that you are also capable of sectioning certain areas which creates departments. Instead of having walls or doors installed, these allow easy access which is needed for many factory environments.

These are very popular due to the number of advantages and benefits they have and because of these, it's why they are commonly seen all around the UK and many other countries.

When buying these industrial curtains you might also want to think about fly screens in Shropshire and other necessary equipment.

Plastic Door Strips in Shropshire

There are many benefits of having plastic door strips fitted at your facility and they can be used for many working environments. The benefits in clue the ease of use, durability, flexibility, helps maintain the suitable temperature, improves hygiene and prevents pests and weather interference.

Warehouse Curtains Near Me

Local warehouse curtains vary in size and style because each facility is different and therefore may require more tailored specifications. We have a standard range available but if you require something more bespoke, it is not a problem as our team can come and fit them for you and create the environment which you are looking for.

Many people just assume the strips will be clear but there is also choice in the colour you would like, if you'd like to create a more private space, darker colours are recommended and we have a selection for you to choose from. Air Duct Cleaning can offer double ribbed, coloured PVC curtains, clear curtains for doors, heavy duty, light duty entrance strips and more.

Some popular colours include:

  • Black

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Grey

  • Green

  • Pink

  • Opaque

  • Clear

  • Frosted

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Thank you for reading our information, we appreciate the time you have taken to look through this page. For more information regarding PVC strip curtains in Shropshire SY13 2 and to know more about how we are able to help with your requirements, just contact us today by filling in the enquiry form.

If you provide us with as much information at the enquiry stage, this is helpful as we will have more of an idea about what you want.

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